Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: All is Well by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schultz

All is Well, the new book by celebrated authors Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz, not only explores the medical science behind the affirmations in Louise Hay’s international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, but also offers stories and practical advice for personal healing.

Structured around seven emotional centers, which mirror our chakra system, Louise and Mona Lisa examine the connections between these centers and the body. Drawing on years of research, they explore probable mental causes for the physical manifestation of illness associated with each center, and then lay out how to address these health concerns. Combining two complementary systems, Louise discusses new thought patterns and offers new affirmations to counteract specific emotional weaknesses, and Mona Lisa, who has worked for many years as a medical intuitive and physician, helps readers listen to their own bodies’ intuition and prescribes medical solutions that are based in Western science. They provide real-world examples of people who faced illness and outline the specific emotional and physical prescriptions that helped them heal.

Affirmations, intuition, and medical science form a powerful triad that enable readers to achieve maximum health and well-being, and to experience on a deep level that, as Louise always says, “All is well.”

E-galley received for review.

First, let's deal with the obvious fact that while this is purportedly co-written by Louise Hay and Dr. Schultz the book is actually presented as a first person narrative written by Dr. Schultz.

This is really not a book for everyone as the cover text indicates. Many of the sections strongly suggest visits to multiple doctors, energy healers, acupuncturists, herbalists, dieticians, etc., all of whom can be incredibly expensive. So, unless you are a) upper middle class or b) have excellent health insurance coverage (see a) then this really is not for you. So, the book is a bit misleading there as well. Yes, the book's affirmations may help, but only if used in conjunction with thousands of dollars and a team of doctors and sundry "complementary health" practitioners.

I'm not saying that some information in the book isn't helpful, just that it is most likely not the cure-all it is presented as.

Louise's affirmations are educational, but if you're looking for an affirmation based health and healing book you really should just go with Louise's original book You Can Heal Your Life.

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Cleo Rogers said...

It's not a bad book. I just think it's missing something. I think most truths are simple. So, I like the simplicity of it, but it just doesn't capture the secret to wellness that it advertises.

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