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Author Q&A: Jason Fox author of Skinny Sexy Bride

Jason Fox, author of the book Skinny Sexy Bride, stopped by for a Q&A.

What caused you to create Skinny Sexy Bride? What gave you the idea?

Many of my fitness clients through the years were engaged women. I loved it because they were always motivated to get results. During training, I noticed a rapidly increasing stress level as the wedding day approached. Often times they would break into tears right in front of me, with so many things on their to-do list!

Along with the added stress came a plateau in their fitness progress. I wanted my bridal clients to be able to enjoy this special time in their lives, and I didn’t want them to get stressed trying to make time for 4-5 personal training sessions with me each week. So, at the expense of my own business, I revised my fitness program down to the basics, and removed all the waste. Some very pioneering clients (including my younger sisters), let me experiment on them! The results were incredible. My engaged clients made fantastic gains in appearance and fat loss, and had much more free time to plan their weddings and live their lives. Skinny Sexy Bride was born!

What’s the biggest mistake that you see brides making today as they prepare for their wedding?

Starving themselves. I’ve seen a lot of rail-thin brides, who went through 6-9 months of torture just to look sickly. They might look thin for 1 day, but they pay a big price after the wedding because their metabolism is shot.

Time is always an obstacle for most brides-to-be. What’s the best way for a busy bride to manage her time and still get some workouts in?

Getting engaged is like taking a new part-time job! At the outset of her engagement, a bride should take a complete look at her obligations (work, relationship, me-time, travel, friends, social, charity) and eliminate anything that isn’t necessary. People will understand if you can’t make it to every single charity meeting or every client lunch. I always suggest brides knock out their workouts in the morning, to give themselves energy all day and get that item checked off their to-do list.

Must a bride count her calories in order to see weight loss results, or is there another way she can go about doing things?

I never recommend counting calories, or other confusing tasks like point systems. Basically, a fitness program with intensive tracking is just another reason to quit a program. I created Skinny Sexy Bride to have the lowest abandonment rate possible. A fitness program can only work if you stick with it. Skinny Sexy Bride focuses on very, very simple measuring using volume alone. Nothing complicated, no meal timing tricks, no tables or calculators required!

You often read about celebrities and what they do in magazines to prepare for their weddings. Why are those approaches often so problematic?

Celebrity fitness plans aren’t realistic for regular people. Celebrities have unlimited access to money, time, and coaching. Real people like us have jobs, family obligations, and a budget. Also, celebrity fitness plans are basically gimmicks to sell magazines. In contrast, Skinny Sexy Bride is a program based on what works – eating well, exercising smartly, getting rest, and sticking with it! And, it was designed specifically to fit into any busy lifestyle and create minimal disruption in your life.

If a bride to be has already been exercising for a number of years, can this program still work for her?

Absolutely. Everyone, even experienced fitness buffs (like Krista and Shannon), can benefit from refocusing their efforts. You wouldn’t belief the look on my client’s faces when I make a few simple changes to their existing regimens, reduce their number of weekly workouts, and tell them to sleep in more often! Most people believe the fitness myth that more hours = more results. That’s not true if you follow the right system based only on super-effective workouts and an easy-to-handle, proper diet. One hour per week of working out is all you need – it just has to be done right!

Men and women are different. Let’s face it. Since you’re a male trainer, what do you do differently when you train female clients versus male clients?

Men generally fall into two camps – “Meatheads” and “Dudes.” Meatheads want to inflate themselves into a balloon of muscle. Dudes just want to be in shape, turn heads at the beach, and look good in their clothes.

Female clients tend to have similar goals to the Dudes. They want to be lean, toned, and fit into their favorite outfits. The training programs are quite similar, although women generally have more powerful legs and butt muscles (per pound of bodyweight) than their male counterparts. Men tend to get caught up in mirror muscles and upper body work, neglecting the critically important lower body.

I have a lot of fun introducing women to “masculine” equipment like kettlebells. They are skeptical at first, but always end up loving the workouts and especially the results.

For a woman who feels she’s too thin and could add a few more curves to her body, what advice would you give her?

For show-stopping curves, you must concentrate on powerful total body movements like kettlebell swings and burpees. Focus on developing your leg and butt muscles, while trimming your core and toning your arms. Curves are just a few kettlebell swings away!

How late is too late to get started with the Skinny Sexy Bride program? If a bride is going to be married in a few weeks, can she still benefit?

Ideally, you would have at least 60 days to achieve true progress with the Skinny Sexy Bride program, but honestly even 1 week will help! So much of the program focuses on clean, healthy food and rest that those two ingredients alone will help you drop a couple last-minute pounds and improve your mood. If you really just have two weeks, focus on the following:

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables paired with lean meat
  • Cut out all processed and packaged foods
  • Two 15 minute workouts per week of kettlebell swings, kettlebell rows and pushups
  • Lots of sleep!

Just eating fresh foods and cutting out processed foods can help you drop a couple last-minute pounds.

In an ideal situation, should a bride do the program at a gym or in her home? What advantages are there to working out in that specific location?

The program was designed to be done anywhere, so it’s really just up to the brides. From my standpoint, once you factor in driving, changing and chatting, working out at home is much more efficient than a gym environment. And, at home you don’t have to worry about creepy guys staring at you! To follow the Skinny Sexy Bride program at home, you really only need 1-2 very inexpensive and small kettlebells to do the complete workout. Your body weight handles the rest! For less money than 1 month of a gym membership, you can be a Skinny Sexy Bride for life!

If a bride has a significant amount of weight to lose, is there anything that she should do over and beyond the normal program?

Brides who have more “cushion” to lose should start slowly. The biggest determinant of success on the Skinny Sexy Bride program is simply sticking with it. By starting slowly, you will let your body and habits easily adapt to your new regimen. I want to avoid any “shock to the system” that could injure you or make you quit the program. So I suggest brides ease into the plan. The program is so effective because my clients see real results, in a fraction of the time of other programs. The trick is giving your body enough rest and enough healthy, delicious food to nourish it after the short, intense workouts. I constantly have to tell my brides not to overdo it. Once they see some initial fat loss, they always want to add a third or fourth weekly workout to really supercharge their results. NO! That can be counterproductive. Two 15 minute workouts are all you need each week, and getting good rest is critical.

So what are your hobbies when you’re not showing brides how to lose fat the easy way?

I’m really getting into cooking, probably because I’m really into eating! I’m no gourmet chef, but I love to put on some fun music and start chopping and combining delicious natural foods together. It’s relaxing and therapeutic to me. Sometimes it’s delicious, and sometimes the smoke detector goes off. Either way, it’s rewarding to create something, especially in this age of instant food and instant gratification.

About the book:

When it comes to diet and fitness books, it's all been said and done before, but certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist Jason Fox has found a new angle for an old audience... brides who want to shape up for the big day.

Fox's unconventional approach challenges traditional fitness theories and offers an appealing new system that turns classic training methods upside down. The core of his system is based on the idea that there's no need to spend long hours in the gym or subsist on starvation-level meals. Instead, Fox's Skinny Sexy Bride program illustrates how to train muscles and metabolism in the most efficient way possible. Designed specifically for brides and presented with an option of several different timelines (nine months, six months, three months, 30 days), the program is suitable for anybody who wants to show up in top shape for an important event.

About the author:

Jason Fox holds a bachelors of science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a certified sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer, and his practice is focused on preparing clients for date-certain events like weddings, class reunions, and business interviews or presentations. Jason is an internationally-recognized author of books on fitness and nutrition.

Jason is the author of the Skinny Sexy Bride series, developer of the Skinny Sexy Bride E-Trainer software, and managing editor of the Skinny Sexy Bride blog. Jason is a wannabe chef and spends a fair amount of time attempting to play golf.

Follow Jason on Twitter: @JasonFoxFitness


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