Friday, May 10, 2013

Featured Book: Before the Poisoned Apple by L.S.Dubbleyew

About the book:

Long before the Time of the Ancients, two Scrolls were created― one for the lands and one for the skies. Those written words hold all worldly mysteries; they reveal all secrets. With those words, eternal domination can be had. And She who wrote them, hid them. Because the greatest evil seeks them. There is a prophecy: “If the Seven fail in defending all, the hearts, the pillars, the love, will fall.” Two babies are saved from certain death and hidden, as their fate is to marry and grow a family. An exceptional family of seven brothers. Of seven little men. Their world is a deadly one. In the vast, bewitched land within The Reach, there are dragon-elves, witches, ogres and Kings. It is a world of evil castles holding deadly spirits. Where demons ride lightning and mountains can move. Where blood-trolls lurk deep in the ground. And below them…still deeper terrors lie. Follow the seven and their family as they battle for their lives while a greater fate unfolds before them... to protect The Scrolls. From the day they were born, the wicked have them marked. Every turn is a test of loyalty and strength. And love alone is not enough to ward off horrors and evil. Share the family’s happiness as special friends come into their lives, and grieve with them as loved ones are taken. Before The Poisoned Apple is the first in the series, Brave Tales of Seven Little Men. An epic tale: dramatic, imaginative, magical and fun. Grow with them, for their story doesn’t end with the princess whose skin is as white as snow.

About the author:

Before the Poisoned Apple is the debut novel written by author, LS Dubbleyew. In his own words..."It's the first in a series of books about characters known and loved by all, but whose true tale has never been told. Long before they saved Snow White, the seven little men lived a life of battles and wonder. And their story didn't end with Snow White. Their quests are legendary... but nobody knows about them! Until now." In the epic traditions of The Lord of The Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, and the Harry Potter Series, LS Dubbleyew brings his love of fantasy and family together in an amazing story of life and loyalty.


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