Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Work Women Want by Jennifer Forest

Work when you want, care for your kids and still make money.

This books shares 12 mothers’ journeys to creating money at home or in part-time jobs.

Explore how to make home-based income: Etsy, Elance, eBay, party plan, blogging, multilevel marketing, share trading, daycare, creative entrepreneurs and professional service businesses.

This practical book teaches:

  • 14 ways to make money at home
  • How to negotiate a part-time job
  • The 7 questions that help you find your authentic work
  • What it really takes to make money at home
  • An 8-step action plan to get you started
Create the life you want for you and your family today!

Received for review.

Despite what you may think, this book is not just for women with children - it applies to any woman (or man, really) who wants to change the way she or he creates income.

This comprehensive guide covers everything from downsizing your hours at your full time job to striking out on your own with a home based business (parties, freelance, investing, etc.).  It truthfully discusses all the relevant information as to what income can really be made in the venture (versus what the company promises), what initial investment is required, and what sort of hours the enterprise will entail.

Although this could have stood another trip through the proofreader's hands it was well written and intelligently discussed the options in an open, honest manner.

I highly recommend this to those looking into working from home.  It will help clarify your options for you and make a decision about what is best for you.

★★★★ = Really Liked It


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