Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: Your Soul Contract Decoded by Nicolas David Ngan

Inside your birth name hides the blueprint of your life. Unlock those secrets with this ancient system of numerology based on Hebrew glyphs, and release your full potential! Your Soul Contract Decoded reveals that there is an underlying plan, a carefully designed spiritual map that guides us—and then it empowers seekers to navigate their challenges, find and express their strengths, and manifest their dreams. By revealing your karmic patterns, it enables you to access your life's true purpose and finally achieve your soul destiny.

E-galley received for review.

Frankly, I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this book except that the concept was interesting.  Other than that it was a total fail.

I can't even describe this as bad since it went so far beyond bad as to make mere bad look halfway good.  Really, it was that unfortunate.

The book was badly designed and executed with no explanations.  First, you are supposed to take a chart and fill in the numbers that correspond to your birth name.  It sounds simple enough, but the reality is a nightmare.  There are so many charts and such that it takes a Ph.D. to actually complete said chart.  Then the math!  I mean, adding things up isn't a problem but the descriptions of just HOW to add them up are just, well, unhelpful.  Think of the absolute worst word problem you've ever experienced and double it.  That is how horrific the experience is, and I'm not even bad at math and I was armed with a calculator to boot!  The author offers a free name calculator on his website but it is impossible to get an account to log in, so don't even bother with that!

As if getting the numbers themselves isn't bad enough, then comes pages upon pages of so called interpretations of the numbers which provide no intelligent assistance whatsoever in actually interpreting your numbers.

Really, this is just bad, bad, bad and may as well have been written in a completely different language since it was so incomprehensible!

Do not pick this up unless you feel the need to bring yourself to the verge of tears of frustration from the horror of trying to interpret this nightmare.

☆☆ = Didn't Like It


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