Friday, June 14, 2013

Featured Book: Here Today and Perhaps Tomorrow by Peter William Kent

About the book:

Every passing year a growing number of our ageing population will enter the retirement ranks. As they go about making their retirement decisions these retirees will benefit by becoming increasingly informed about retirement community living. Retirees typically make decisions about their future after gaining a clearer grasp of retirement community life. Knowledge is important, and retirement community knowledge is especially important to the elderly. A sense of humor is a characteristic of these communities. Humor permeates the most dreary retirement environments. However, it can be quite difficult to poke fun at an old lady as she confronts Alzheimer’s disease. Nonetheless, this book has a tongue-in-cheek perspective. The author takes a realistic and hands-on look at the retirement community scene, enabling readers to more easily appreciate what can and does happen in this retirement style.

About the author:

Peter William Kent was born in Scotland, and received his early education at Andover Grammar School in Hampshire, England. At the age of seventeen he volunteered for the British Army and served in the Far East during World War II. This experience convinced him that aspiring to long life is a wise ambition. Peter went on to receive an undergraduate degree from Harvard and a master’s degree in organization development from Pepperdine University. He also attended University College in London. While working for three Fortune 200 companies, he gained experience in marketing, organization development, and human resources management. He spent several years in the United Nations as a Senior Advisor. Mr. Kent served in several African countries. He later taught public policy at Portland State University, and following that managed his own consulting venture. In 2000 he moved to a retirement community in California.


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