Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: An Appetite for Murder by Lucy Burdette

Hayley Snow's life always revolved around food.

But when she applies to be a food critic for a Key West style magazine, she discovers that her new boss would be Kristen Faulkner-the woman Hayley caught in bed with her boyfriend!

Hayley thinks things are as bad as they can get-until the police pull her in as a suspect in Kristen's murder.

Kristen was killed by a poisoned key lime pie.

Now Hayley must find out who used meringue to murder before she takes all the blame.

From my personal collection.

I don't usually review the books I read for my own personal enjoyment, but I simply had to address this one.

This was just amazingly strange.  It was like someone made a list of what a cozy usually involves - a down on her luck heroine who is wrongfully accused of murder, a handsome cop who doesn't believe her and will provide a romantic interest in future books, and a group of quirky friends, including the requisite gay best friend (male) - and just wrote a book with those elements but without any actual thought about what makes a good cozy.

The main character, Hayley, was annoying, whiny, and frankly, generally unlikable as written.  And, she did a lot of "stumping" around.  Seriously, the author had her stumping down the dock, stumping onto the boat.  Really, it because almost amusing to see how much she "stumped" around that I almost started a list of how many times the author used the word!  And she was always either "motoring" around or "put-putting" around on her scooter.  Between the stumping, motoring, and put-putting I was ready to scream!

Plus, Hayley was supposed to be about twenty five but the author had her dressing in high top sneakers and saying "wicked".  Um, seriously?  I think you're off by a good ten years there, honey.

The author also tried to hard to be politically correct by constantly discussing the homeless problem in Key West, how Key West was home to a large number of gay men (no, seriously, she mentioned this over... and over... and over), blah, blah, blah.  It was just annoying more than anything.

The mystery itself was acceptable, but the story development left more than a bit to be desired.  And the main character's attempts to investigate to clear her name were clumsy and more than a bit improbable.

Overall, this was frankly neither a good mystery or a fun read.  It was a chore to get through the entire 291 pages, but I slogged through since I'd already started it.  I'd had high hopes for this and despite the setting and the food critic angle (which was actually quite interesting and the only truly well written parts of the entire book) my hopes were dashed.

I would give this 2.5 stars, but since I don't do half stars this is getting two full stars.  Why not round up to three, you ask?  Well, sadly, it just wasn't that good to even get that extra half star.  There are a plethora of other, better cozies out there.  Pick up one of those instead.

☆☆☆ = Just Okay


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