Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: The Power of Starting Something Stupid by Richie Norton

What if the smartest people in the world understand something that the rest of us don't? (They do.) What if they know that in order to achieve success, they will sometimes have to do things that others may initially perceive as stupid?The fact of the matter is that the smartest people in the world don't run from stupid, they lean into it (in a smart way).

In The Power of Starting Something Stupid, Richie Norton redefines stupid as we know it, demonstrating that life-changing ideas are often tragically mislabeled stupid. What if the key to success, creativity, and fulfillment in your life lies in the potential of those stupid ideas? This deeply inspiring book will teach you:

• How to crush fear, make dreams happen, and live without regret.

• How to overcome obstacles such as lack of time, lack of education, or lack of money.

• The 5 actions of the New Smart to achieve authentic success.

No more excuses. Learn how to start something stupid—the smartest thing you can do. Drawing on years of research, including hundreds of face-to-face interviews and some of the world's greatest success stories past and present, Richie shows you how stupid is the New Smart—the common denominator for success, creativity, and innovation in business and life.

Received for review.

I truly enjoy reading self help books.  I find it incredibly entertaining.  I was drawn to this by the seeming simplicity of the concepts presented.  I was, unfortunately, left a bit disappointed.

The author did present some new ideas, and presented them well, but what took away from the whole was the rehashing of the success stories we've all heard before - Oprah and J.K. Rowling were incredibly poor but now they're billionaires and you can be too!  The thing is, not everyone is an Oprah, Steve Jobs, or J.K. Rowling.  The author seems to refuse to acknowledge that fact.

So, while the reader may take away some useful ideas don't expect that this book will make you the next Bill Gates.  It's a nice book, but it's not really that effective.

★★☆☆ = Liked It


Marlene Detierro said...

Richie Norton's book is life changing. It will get you excited to wake up in the morning again, ready to work on your "stupid" project. The chapter on Authenticity is worth the price alone. Be prepared to be inspired, and ready to take on your fears. Get ready to live a good life.

Marlene Detierro (EshipGlobal)

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