Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Turtle Season by Miriam Ruth Black

After the premature death of her husband of thirty years, Anna Simon learns the comfortable life they shared in Seattle had been built on lies. The discovery of her husband's betrayal challenges everything she had previously believed.

Grief and shock combine with menopause to topple her formerly secure identities as wife, mother, and educator. In an effort to build a new life, Anna pursues an interest in documentary film where she is surprised to find herself attracted to a talented and engaging woman. Will she have the courage to claim a new path, to trust her own feelings? Or will she scuttle back into her shell?

A funny and touching story of personal discovery, Turtle Season follows the deep inner journey of a woman at midlife as she chooses hope over despair and seeks a future that is true to her authentic self.

Received for review.

First I have to mention that this book had the incredibly annoying formatting of not starting new chapters on a new page, let alone a right hand page. It turned me against the book from the start, which was unfortunate as I think I could have enjoyed it more if it weren't so physically annoying to read.

Frankly I don't know what to say about this. I really don't. I mean, one minute Anna is married for thirty years with two kids, discovers that her husband was living a secret life, and then suddenly becomes a lesbian. Really? She just randomly becomes a lesbian in mid-life? Why did she even get married in the first place then? If she knew she was a lesbian then why did she get married to a man? To have kids? That's just offensive beyond belief - that all women want to have children and the best possible way is to lie to a man, get married, have the stupid kids, and then after he dies or you leave him you take a lesbian lover. I'm really speechless. This is just so offensive on so many levels. The author is essentially condoning Anna's unbelievably wrong behavior. There is no mention of just how much of a terrible human being Anna is to have lied to her husband and children for thirty years and to have built her "marriage" on a bed of outright lies.

I cannot recommend this at all. At all. Seriously, this is among the most offensive garbage I've read lately. It's not "funny" or "moving". It is simply nauseating. Do not touch this trash with a ten foot pole.

☆☆ = Didn't Like It


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