Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Blast & Giveaway: Faith and John by LaVonne J. Helmer

Set in the Dakota Territory in the 1800s, John and Faith meet, fall in love, and begin to plan their lives together. For Faith, planning her wedding becomes such a joy in her life; she is so excited that her sisters will be her bridesmaids. When John suggests that they have their wedding in his restaurant, Faith knows that it will be the most perfect day!

As they settle into married life, both Faith and John realize how lucky they are to have found each other; they feel that their lives are blessed. Dancing and parties are part of the lighter part of their lives, but church plays an important part, too. The threat of flu threatens their idyllic times—and then one day, Faith discovers that life has a way of changing our plans.

Faith and John inspires with their character, their kindness, and the dedication to their burgeoning community. Their story and that of the other pioneers of the prairies of South Dakota will provide of glimpse of times gone by.

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About the Author:

LaVonne J. Helmer is a native of South Dakota and grew up on a prosperous farm.

She taught school before she was married and again when her children were older.

Her four children and their families are the joy of her life.

She is proud of them and their accomplishments.

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