Monday, March 3, 2014

Featured Book: 52! by Michael Wayne Cottle

About the book:

What do you see when you look at a deck of playing cards? Do you see the elegant designs that are drawn on the back of the cards? Do you look right through the deck as they clutter the drawer and your mind wanders to other thoughts of the day? Do you think of the last time that you played a friendly game of Poker or Gin Rummy? Do you see more grains of rice than the richest king can afford to buy? Do you see an infinite number of monkeys typing nonsense on typewriters for all eternity? Do you see eggs lined up until they are in a galaxy far away? Do you ponder questions of life and sometimes simply “the reason for it all”? 52! is a journey to comprehend numbers that are relative to reality and the universe that we live in. It is a mathematical and a spiritual journey to understand the numbers behind life and perhaps more importantly shares the author’s personal journey to find an axiom of faith.

About the author:

Born and raised in Alabama, Michael Cottle is a borderline math nut with a common sense approach to life. He is a self-admitted night owl by nature, a writer and publisher of musical melodies, an applied discrete mathematician, coffee drinker, a part-time redneck, comedian, chemist, woodworker, father and husband. However, only a couple of those traits bring in any significant revenue and he only holds a Master’s Degree in mathematics.


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