Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Featured Book: The Last Buffalo by Ed Kienzle

About the book:

Little Kettle sadly watched the last buffalo fall lifeless to the ground in what he had come to call “The Winter of the Red Snow.” Educated as a lawyer, he has been waging a legal war to protect the buffalo—their killing sanctioned by the Interagency Bison Management Plan in Yellowstone National Park—but he has been unable to stop the carnage. When his nephew Wyman is born, Little Kettle proclaims him the “Keeper of the Buffalo” and instills in him a deep love for the buffalo as he grows. But the boy struggles under the weight of his title. At twelve years old, Wyman sets out on a great adventure in the wilderness of Yellowstone to save the buffalo—a journey driven by his vivid and compelling dreams. With help from his friends Alex and Jacob, a peace pipe, an Indian maiden, and a mysterious shape shifter, Wyman is determined to discover the secret of his dreams and fulfill his role as the Keeper of the Buffalo.

About the author:

Ed Kienzle is an avid outdoorsman, former teacher, and a huge dreamer. He lives in Bar Nunn, Wyoming, and can be contacted at


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