Monday, March 17, 2014

Featured Book: Little Time Capsule by Devonte Gardner

About the book:

“I’m just searching for myself in a little time capsule that remodels itself with each spring that passes by, and I know I’m buried with questions that outnumber the answers, but I can’t find myself the further I dig.” — Devonté

My first poetry collection “Little Time Capsule” captures the most self-reflecting and introspective poetic moments of my young adulthood. In weeding through my old journals and napkin scribbles and online posts to gather enough material for this book, I put together a compilation that I’m hoping will make people smile and want to re-read over and over again. Within these pages are twenty-three unique poems delving into everything from my father’s sudden passing to my struggles accepting myself as an LGBT youth and much more.

About the author:

Devonté is the recipient of the Winifred Farrar Award for English and also the Earl Love Guyton Scholarship which is awarded for showing “promise in the field of communication (demonstrated) through a portfolio.” In 2007 he won first place in the Meridian Community College Literary Review for poetry with the poem “Twisting My Tongue in Pig-Latin” and earned his bachelor’s degree in communication from Mississippi State University in 2012. Here’s a little more about Devonté: He was born in Chicago in 1989 to parents Claudette and Avery but spent his coming of age years in Meridian, MS. He loves maintaining long term friendships and spending time with his beloved grandmother Lee who helped put him through college.


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