Monday, April 7, 2014

Featured Book: Deadly Provocation by T.F. Coleman

About the book:

When obsessive power meets paranoia.

Jake Conley is thrust into the spotlight after stopping a deranged gunman at an L.A. theater, his new-found fame gets the attention of a private surveillance consulting company that recruits him to be a public relations asset and field consultant working in the world of data mining, hidden cameras, and drones. The benefits are overwhelming and seem to include a beautiful young woman from Venezuela, Medalia Mendoza, daughter of one of the company’s biggest financial contributors, and whose mother has been missing for the last five years. Questions about the company’s integrity and Conley’s role with it mount until he is faced with the life and death decisions that affect everyone involved.

About the author:

T. F. Coleman is a world traveler, adventurer, engineer and author. He is also a computer programmer with extensive experience in data warehousing and data mining. He can be reached by e-mail at tfcoleman(at)


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