Monday, April 28, 2014

Featured Book: The Last Neanderthal Clan by Lisa Lareau and Charlie Boring

About the book:

Lisa M. Lareau and her father Charlie Boring share a lifelong interest in prehistoric civilizations.

Lisa grew up listening to Charlie’s tales about cave-dwelling clans, and the characters in those stories have been developed and expanded in The Last Neanderthal Clan.

Charlie and Lisa live in Virginia, but have traveled extensively in Europe, where they set their novel.

They hope that you enjoy reading their novel packed full of Neanderthal fiction as much as they enjoyed writing it.


As the man and woman arrived at the base of the cliffs, the man stopped and rolled a large boulder, that seemed to be leaning against the cliff, to the right behind a clump of bushes. The boulder had hidden an opening to a small grotto which was about twelve yards deep and six yards wide. The opening was only about four feet wide and four feet tall. As they entered the grotto and Kardi’s eyes adjusted to the poor light, she saw that there was a small pool of water at the back of the grotto. The man had a pre-prepared fire circle near the right grotto wall. Kardi saw that any smoke from the fire would exit the grotto through a crack along the top of that wall.

About the authors:

Lisa Lareau is the daughter of her co-author, Charlie Boring.

She is a professional analyst that developed an interest in story telling from the stories her father told her as a young girl.

The stories were of cavemen and women and the animals that roamed the earth with them.

Charlie Boring contributed ideas that led Lisa to write "The Last Neanderthal Clan."

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