Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: Leverage Your Laziness! by Steve Bookbinder and Jeff Goldberg

Because 4 hours is just too much work!

Jeff Goldberg and Steve Bookbinder combine their wit, intellect, and common sense in this entertaining, data packed instructional manual. They draw on their personal insight, diversified experiences, and passion for life coaching in the writing and production of Leverage Your Laziness!

In this collaboration they introduce an approach designed to use leverage and laziness as a strategy for attaining effective performance with the least work and the added bonus of sensing the enjoyment of accomplishment. Steve helps the reader discover how to recognize and utilize their strongest strengths in their personal strategy for success. Jeff introduces keys to focus on those things you enjoy most in your work to increase your personal productivity with the least effort.

Sixteen principles, dozens of motivational quotes from dozens of recognized leaders, and the opportunity for individual readers to get specific in applying these principles personally make up the format of this humorous, practical, and powerful guidebook. Concise, and compact, yet comprehensive Leverage Your Laziness! is an important tool for the established entrepreneur, for successful leaders, for life coaches, and for those who "wanna be"rich and famous.

Received for review.

Despite my high hopes for this book it wasn't particularly helpful or inspiring.  It is essentially for the "lazy" high paid professional (such as lawyers, accountants, etc.) and not for the other 99.9% of the population.

It provides worn out ideas such as outsourcing everything possible to someone who will do it cheaper.  They give as an example a lawyer who makes $350 an hour making her own copies, and how she can hire an assistant to do that for her for $18 an hour.  The person who helps her realize this is her life coach who she pays $200 an hour.  So, if you are the assistant who makes the $18 an hour this book is clearly not meant for you.  The authors do not deign to address such "low paid" peons and apparently consider anyone working for that amount of money to be unworthy of their advice.

So, unless you are a lawyer or other professional looking for a collection of rather standard advice on how to streamline your "tough" life to slip into your Birkin bag then give this a pass.

☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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