Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Featured Book: Kid Ninja and the Notorious Nine by ML Hollaway

About the book:

Meet Kevin Kulbreath, a fifth-grade student who is humiliated, beaten up, and threatened by bullies every day at school. He imagines defending himself, but in reality, he never manages to do so. One day after school, Kevin finds a Green Hornet videotape, and becomes fascinated by the character of Kato, as played by Bruce Lee. Kevin’s admiration of Kato causes Kato to come to Kevin in a midnight dream, in which Kevin is crowned Kid Ninja. This special event causes Kevin’s confidence to flourish, and he takes on the school bullies, defending himself and others. Now that the school is free of bullies, Kid Ninja discovers another problem…a theft from the school. Kid Ninja knows he can’t take this on alone, so he holds auditions for nine other kids with karate skills to assist him in his quest. As the children come together, they realize that bullying is for losers. They take an oath to stop bullying in its tracks at home…and maybe even all over the world! Kid Ninja and the Notorious Nine provides a strong anti-bullying message, and will inspire you and your kids to take a look at the massive, growing bullying epidemic. What action can you take to prevent bullying? Join Kid Ninja in his pledge to make the world safe for kids!

About the author:

Kid Ninja and the Notorious Nine author ML Hollaway is a fan and reader of all children’s books. The author of two books, with a master’s degree in legal studies, Hollaway’s main goal is working with Congress to implement a children’s bill of rights. Currently, she is writing her third book, Kid Ninja and the Notorious Nine Go to China.

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