Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: The Smart Way to Deal with Stupid People by David E. Silvey

The Smart Way to Deal with Stupid People describes an easy, 5-step process to help you "get what you want--when you want--from people who are in the way."

Please don't be offended by the title. I don't believe in calling anyone "stupid," and I want you to know that I deal with this "name calling" in the first two chapters of the book.

If you're honest, you've probably been in some extremely frustrating situations (for me, it was a cancelled flight at the airport) where you've thought, "Who put this stupid person in charge?" You've thought this (or said it under your breath) because the person in charge (i.e. airline attendant) was standing in your way and keeping you from getting what you wanted and needed (or, for me, keeping me from going where I wanted to go!) So I'm just trying to connect with the frustration that many of you feel. And that's how and why I chose my title.

In a very fun and practical way, I describe the Smart Way to deal with these frustrating situations and people. And not only do I teach you how to get what you want and need when you want and need it, but also how to help the "other" person standing in your way (yes, the one you may be thinking is "stupid") get what he wants and needs.

Experts agree that people feel anxiety stemming from fear--fear that they will not get what they want and need, and, as a result, more and more people are experiencing conflict and confrontation in their personal interactions with others.

This book addresses and meets this need by helping people capture the emotions connected to their anxiety so that they can productively get what they want and need. In a sense, its a natural alternative to anti-anxiety medication--an alternative that produces both physical and emotional health!

Received for review.

I was initially excited to read this but my excitement quickly wore off as soon as I realized that this was really just a book for rich WASPS to learn how to deal with the "help".

Granted, this does have some beneficial ideas, such as actually being clear about what you want and being kind to people, but it also has several obnoxious suggestions as well, not the least of which is to ask for a Native English Speaker when dealing with customer support people over the phone.  No, really.  He also suggested that you request an American so there won't be any cultural differences.  I'm serious.  That just ruined the book for me.  The arrogance is just breathtaking.

This may be worth a read if you have zero common sense and have never actually worked in a position where you have to deal with jerks but if you have even a hint of common sense and kindness towards other human beings you really have no need for this.

☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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