Monday, June 23, 2014

Featured Book: Co-Creating a Brilliant Relationship by David A. Yeats

About the book:

What has been written here is a great key to a satisfying and conscious life. This book proposes a path to creating and co-creating together a brilliant relationship - one that offers the rewards of deep connection and love, wise intention, rich meaning, and immense joy. Who knew that there might actually be a well defined path to these riches? It's a path that we shape and author as we care for ourselves and for our partner, and as we intuitively discover and nurture the core goodness of our own being. We'll describe stages of relationship and the stages of self that we humans might grow toward, and we'll introduce a relationship model designed to mend past wounds so we might co-create a deliberate and rewarding life together now. We will also explore ways we might deepen our personal relationship and awareness with ourselves - an awareness that goes beyond our culture to an interior world few of us have been introduced to - a grounded, calm, and centered awareness that, in time, circles its way back to enhance our partnership and enrich all of our relationships. From this quieter point of view, we may come to discover a deeper sense of the possibilities for connection, meaning, and joy that our life relationships have to offer - the most fantastic journey of all time.

About the author:

David A. Yeats, L.C.S.W., has been a practicing psychotherapist in Boulder Colorado for 28 years, and is married with five adult children. He has seen that the common denominator for virtually every client or couple, indeed, for all of us, is the quality of our relationships - with partners, with ourselves, and with the world at large. And so the focus of his clinical work has been to assist clients with answering the question: "How can I better my relationships, and therefore better my life?" This book suggests a clear, accessible, and powerfully rewarding answer to that question.

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