Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: The Jaffa Resonance by Patrick Delaney

The spectacular heist from the San Martino Cathedral in Lucca had cost a security guard his life. But now the priceless icon lay in splinters on a seaside loading dock. The theft is a shock to Professor Johann Krugel, but not the destruction. After all, the thieves were acting on archeological research lifted from him. Someone else knew that a civilization lost to history had left behind objects of tremendous power. Some of these became sacred icons of the world's great religions, while others remained safely hidden. Until now. The professor's graduate student Jose Santiago forays into the remote Yucatan to locate a site crucial to their theory. But the clandestine force responsible for the theft is more than willing to play rough. When his protégé fails to return, Professor Krugel decides it's time to lose himself across the border in Mexico. He's quickly in trouble and alone in Ensenada. A chance encounter with stranded sailor Mike Dylan leads him to a long gamble. And then there is the scintillating Alexis Santiago. She claims to be the sister Jose had never mentioned. From her lips, Dr. Sean Casey first hears that his friend is missing. A skilled neurologist deals with death and the intangibles of the nervous system on a daily basis. He is drawn in, but is it by the intrigue surrounding the missing graduate student or by the enigmatic young woman? The cascading events challenge Dr. Casey's perception of himself as a healer, and place him on an intercept course with some of the greatest relics known to history. Dr. Casey and Alexis journey deep within the rain forest in search of the truth. It's a dangerous trek downriver between the indigenous peoples, the drug trade, and the DEA. And that's just to make it to the temple where Jose disappeared. An ancient labyrinth of slippery stone, false passages, and utter darkness. To survive, Casey must follow his instincts and his heart, something that has never come naturally.

Received for review.

I always enjoy a good adventure story so I was excited when I came across this intelligent, well written book.

This brilliantly meshes adventure, intrigue, the drug trade, a religious artifact, and the Vatican to provide a throughly enjoyable read.  When you throw in the requisite beautiful woman as a love interest it's a potent combination.

This is a perfect summer read which I definitely recommend.  Fans of Steve Berry and Dan Brown should certainly add this to their Must Read list.

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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I have to be in the right mindset for books like this. I'll keep this one in mind.

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