Monday, July 14, 2014

Featured Book: The Compact eBay Sales Guide by Michael J. Schaefer

About the book:

Increase your earnings through excellence in eBay methods.

eBay selling is a modern life skill that you will quickly master!
The Compact eBay Sales Guide is designed to teach everyone, from newcomers to seasoned experts, the best practices for making sales and increasing earnings. This handbook is for real people who often just want to clean out the closet by selling used electronics like phones and cameras. For those who decide to go pro, this simple manual acts as a coach, offering examples and methods to save time and earn more money.

You'll Learn:

  • The one true secret of the best auctions 
  • The best times and days to sell 
  • How to add free value to your products 
  • The keys to perfect feedback ratings 
  • To design a fast, simple shipping policy 
  • How to take great photos 
  • Pricing for Auctions and Buy It Now listings 
  • Honest and effective customer relations 
  • How to manage problems 
  • To save time through efficiency 
  • Why people want to buy eBay items 
  • To sell the same products at higher prices, through excellence in practice
These are just a few of the powerful insights built in to this book.

Based on almost two decades of selling experience on eBay, you'll learn all of my easy selling tips to seduce buyers while avoiding the rat race to the lowest price that many inexperienced sellers get caught in.

Stop competing against low-end sellers!

A few simple techniques will instead market your sales to people who are willing to spend more money on products with stellar presentations. How you design a listing determines its selling price, and the smarter you are about the decisions you make in your listing designs, the more people will desire your products. After all, no one wants to buy from the ALL CAPS seller with blurry pictures!

Start aiming for the high-end! Buy your copy of The Compact eBay Sales Guide today.

About the author:

Michael J. Schaefer is a Fulbright Fellow and holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology & Archaeology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is the owner of Soulshadow Press: He earned his BS in Anthropology from Illinois State University, and has an Associate in Arts Degree.

Schaefer has almost twenty years of selling experience on eBay, which is shared in his latest book release "The Compact eBay Sales Guide: Easy Real-World Strategies and Tips to Sell and Make Money - A Handbook for New and Seasoned Sellers"


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