Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Featured Book: The Fading American Dream by K. Edwin Brandon

About the book:

These poems are short, clever, and informative—a fun read for those who are strapped for time, yet concerned about America’s future.

By ignoring the principles that our country was founded on and by distorting our constitution, Americans have allowed the destruction of fair competition in private markets and the growth of central government far beyond the necessary services it was originally charged with.

Human greed has perverted our political system and culminated in debt that will only be passed on to our grandchildren.

The Fading American Dream tackles the subject of our country’s economic and political dilemma in a fresh and amusing venue—poems that are light and entertaining, with a serious undercurrent.

About the author:

K. Edwin Brandon, “Geezil,” is an 82-year-old retired businessman who spent the last 20 years of his working life operating a successful tool design and manufacturing business, which he started with a homemade drawing board and a $500 limit credit card. Mr. Brandon served in the National Guard and in the US Army, including an 18-month stint in the Korean War. He attended business school at night on the GI bill while working as an assembly line laborer at several companies to support a family. His experiences with labor unions convinced him that union leaders have played a major role in bankrupting our nation.

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