Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Featured Book: A Perfect Double by Sean Cronin

About the book:

Although tall, thin, blond and gorgeous, Breken Annersen suffers from body dysmorphic disorder. She’s got a ‘glamour job’ at an international gossip magazine, but dreams of a Pulitzer. All Brek WANTS on her Paris assignment is some dirt on a few starlets when she attends a chic film soiree with a handsome, irreverent freelancer, Hutch Branigan. But when a terrorist BOMB RIPS the star-studded event apart, chasing terrorists becomes part of her job description. This tossed-together pair witnesses the murder of a starlet who'd been at the Paris bombing, and hours later see the U. S. ambassador's daughter immolated on a dark fortress wall at the Cannes Film Festival. And now, there’s a hit man on their trail. The 'glamour job' turns into a whodunit for Brek and Hutch. Their hunt leads them through a maze of diplomats, suave singers, movie stars and prostitutes - and the FBI and the Mafia. From the French Rivera to the Swiss mountains they find MURDER, CORRUPTION and espionage born in Kabul, that spreads across Europe and the U.S. And amid the peril and violence Brek and Hutch find a smoldering ATTRACTION for each other. Which could lead to romance, or heartbreak, or worse.

About the author:

Sean Cronin is a 5-star Amazon author, a Goodreads "Five out of Five Stars” novelist and winner of three EFFIE awards. He is the author of the critically acclaimed noir novel, Sharp 9th, a Skinner Malloy Mystery. Cronin, is a former Fortune 100 executive and holds an M.S. from the University of Chicago.

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