Monday, July 14, 2014

Featured Book: Riddlin Rising by Jeff Judkins and Roy Ashcraft

About the book:

Larry Riddlin has been told he was insane all his life, but that never stopped him. He has always believed in magic, so each and every Halloween he and his friends in the Fellowship of the Elders tried to summon the Great Old One, Cthulhu, to bring excitement to their boring world. On that fateful Halloween night of 2138, they finally succeeded. That night, now called the Emergence, dragons hatched from the moon, magic itself came back into the world, and tens of thousands scientists threw up their hands and quit in despair. It was all quite distracting. Riddlin was forced to summon Cthulhu AGAIN because not enough people saw it the first time. Now Riddlin’s a popular cult hero, literally a cult hero. But fame only goes so far. Some people blame him for the chaos of the Emergence. Others desperately want the power he demonstrates so casually for their own. And the oppressive Confederacy that rules them all? They can’t decide if they need him or want him dead! Fast-paced, imaginative, and hilarious, Riddlin Rising is an entertaining new spin on the idea of what happens when man meets monster. Join Riddlin in his quest to change the world…and look forward to the upcoming second book in the Emergence series.

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