Monday, July 21, 2014

Featured Book: Universal Animism by Donald E. Crowell

About the book:

Our society has become saturated with propaganda that proclaims selfish competition as natural and reasonable. This apocalyptic view comes from viewing nature as a heartless foe rather than the divine instrument of life. It is a belief system that turns great profit for the merchants of exploitation and war who promote it. The belief that nature is “evil” also drives the violent xenophobia that has plagued society throughout history. Even evolutionary biologists and social scientists often adhere to this negativity as they see suffering in nature. But suffering and death describe little of the entirety of life. People are profoundly interdependent with nature and each other, but the shock experienced when violence occurs makes many think that horror is the higher truth. Criminality within the social group makes many people blind to the requisite group itself. Universal Animism is a reexamination of the core essence of nature. It is a definitive spiritual doctrine because it follows the rules of reason while recognizing spiritualism as open and infinite. It contains the truth about fundamentalism’s impossible contradiction, the truth about the psychological wars between spiritualists, dogmatists, and humanists, the truth about the shamanist roots of established religion, the truth about the scourge of Social Darwinism, and the truth about Deism and the very nature of God. Universal Animism is a thought-provoking book that calls for a complete reassessment of spiritual consciousness and civic responsibility.

About the author:

Donald E. Crowell is a graduate of UCLA and California Lutheran University. He is a high school instructor of physics and chemistry.

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