Friday, August 8, 2014

Featured Book: Finding the Prosperity Within by Brian Webster

About the book:

Brian Webster, in his outstanding book Finding the Prosperity Within, develops the storyline of the ages in a modern context. 

Jamie, a highly motivated and talented professional searching for prosperity in Silicon Valley, runs into one roadblock after another and repeatedly comes up empty-handed. She never receives the rewards she deserves as she struggles to overcome the shortcomings of the people she works for and the unforgiving twists and turns of the business world. When she crosses paths with Tim, a success coach who has dealt with many of the same challenges, her journey takes on a completely new dimension. The treasures that are unlocked along the way become milestones on a journey of self-discovery and unimagined prosperity. 

Finding the Prosperity Within is a must read for anyone who has tried and fallen short in their personal pursuit of prosperity and success. Filled with insights that only an author who has lived the journey himself can document, this incredibly real story will give you hope and show you how to step up, find the real coach that sheds light on the winner inside you, and inspires you to dance in the winner’s circle!

About the author:

Brian Webster is an experienced entrepreneur, business executive, team leader, and speaker. He has been instrumental in starting eight companies and now focuses on providing home-based business opportunities for individuals in the financial services arena. For more information, go to

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