Monday, August 18, 2014

Featured Book: If These Trees Could Only Talk by Theodore L. Kazimiroff

About the book:

Ever wished for a “read”, intense and compelling, with life and death adventures? Add characters with real emotions and personalities that “ring true.” Here is an amazing journey of mind and spirit, bound to get your blood racing. You will vicariously experience fear, pain, even death, at the hands of real villains. Here is the “Catharsis” Aristotle defined as the necessary goal of “drama.” What makes this story so different? It is real! The Earth-shattering cataclysms, blizzards of Ice age proportions, invasions, piracy, theft of homeland, wars and much more have all happened. Through a prequel, the author of the highly acclaimed book The Last Algonquin takes us on a virtual safari to the dawn of time, and forward to the near present. The world of the Algonquin natives springs alive: Kazimiroff leads us through a New York City park where ancient as well as more modern history is still evident. Experience the Indians’ rise and fall, the colonial era and modern times through a series of interrelated first-person stories, events and anecdotes. The author was raised and taught Indian lore, history, woodsmanship and survival skills in Pelham Bay Park, The Bronx, which is actually the largest by far of all New York’s public parks. The book includes maps and a self-guided multi-disciplinary walking tour which is separate from the official “Kazimiroff Nature Trail.” Go! Stand in the foot-print of a malicious devil. Listen for the “spirit voices” on the wind, and study the many natural sciences available in the protected sanctuaries of this park treasure. Whatever you do, enjoy your park as the unique heritage it certainly is.

About the author:

Theodore L. Kazimiroff, BA, MS, CH, prefers being called “Ted”. Ted is retired from teaching in the New York City Public school system. His specialty was the identification, motivation and instruction of gifted and talented students. He served proudly in the United States Army as an artilleryman and guided missile specialist, both here and at several overseas duty posts. Ted’s interests run the gamut from A for archaeology to Z for zoology, and in this regard he has followed his father’s footsteps. Fishing, boating and skin diving have always been favorite activities. He was a certified skin diving instructor from 1957 on, and taught S.C.U.B.A diving at the Y. M.C.A. He belongs to the Golden Key National Honor Society for academic excellence, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, and the Disabled American Veterans. At present he is exploring a very old Spanish wreck in the Caribbean Sea with high hopes of salvaging treasure, or at least some lobsters.

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