Monday, August 4, 2014

Featured Book: Why Try to Make Them Do It When You Can Make Them Want To? by Anthony D. Roberts

About the book:

A lot of leadership sages and gurus provide anecdotes and the philosophy behind leadership but few provide the actual techniques and attitude to become a master team-builder. That is, someone who can take a diverse group of people and make them care about the goals of the group, want to support the group, and care about the group's success. In this book you learn the skills not to tell people what to do, (that doesn't take a lot of talent or skill) but the skills that will make them want to do it. They will want to do it for themselves, for you the leader, and for the group. This book provides the skills to influence people, not to make them do it, but rather, to make them want to do it. Many esteemed people research leadership, take poles, do analyses, and report findings but Anthony Roberts has lived leadership and studied it for thirty years. Gain the benefit of knowledge and experience: learn the research and the application. Being a leader takes a title, being a team-builder takes skills. Research shows that the average leader wastes 40% to 60% of their work day dealing with interpersonal issues or people crud (PC). How much could you accomplish if you had your 40% to 60% back and could actually use you entire day to focus on the work? Interesting thought isn't it? Make your time yours again, become a team-builder and make people want to do the things that create success. Why tell them what to do when you can make them want to tell you what they are going to do it to get s desired results! In addition to getting the results that you desire, you will learn to lead to through skills that will train your future leaders. No longer will you have to worry about leadership succession. To be a team-builder is to use the skills that train others to be a team-builder as well. A team-builder is always focused on training others. It is through setting the example and providing the tools that a team-builder shapes the future. Not just his or hers but the entire organizations. Don't hesitate! Discover your maximum performance today!

About the author:

Anthony Roberts is an Organizational Performance and Improvement Consultant who is a product of thirty years of leadership experience, education, and success. Anthony's (Tony's) unique military, finance, and training background provides him with a one-of-a-kind set of skills. Tony is the CEO/President of the highly acclaimed Team-builder Leadership Institute based in North Augusta, South Carolina, and provides organizational performance and improvement help to thousands of people and organizations nationwide every year.

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