Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: Days of Rage by Brad Taylor

In former delta force operator and New York Times bestseller Brad Taylor’s latest Pike Logan thriller, the Taskforce must stop their most devastating threat yet—a weapon of mass destruction. 

The Taskforce is used to being the hunter, but this time they’re the hunted. 

Intent on embroiling the US in a quagmire that will sap its economy and drain its legitimacy, Russia passes a potential weapon of mass destruction to Boko Haram, an extreme Islamic sect in Nigeria. A relic of the Cold War, the Russian FSB believes the weapon has deteriorated and is no longer effective, but they are wrong. Boko Haram has the means for mass destruction, which will be set loose upon a multitude of unsuspecting innocents on one of the world’s grandest stages. 

Trying to solve the riddle of who might be stalking them, Pike Logan and the Taskforce have no idea what’s been set in motion; but there’s another secret from the Cold War buried in the Russian FSB, and exposing it will mean the difference between life and death—not only for Pike and his partner, Jennifer, but for perhaps millions more around the globe.

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Having recently finished Brad's previous book The Polaris Protocol I was dying to find out what would happen next so I rushed to get Days of Rage.

There is simply no other writer who can write military fiction like Brad Taylor.  I'm not even a big fan of the genre and I love his books!  His books feel like a combination of the authentic detail of a Vince Flynn with the emotional impact of Robert Ludlum and his Jason Bourne series.

Once I started this there was just no putting it down.  I sat for hours and read with my eyes barely blinking I was so engrossed.  The action and suspense were so unrelenting that I was so stressed I simply couldn't stop at the end of a chapter and had to keep flipping the pages as fast as I could read them.  I was up well past my bedtime several nights in a row as I devoured this.

The scariest thing, and what makes this such a fascinating book, is that it is based in so much real life.  The situations in the book could actually happen and that's really disturbing on so many levels.

I highly, highly recommend this excellent book.  Military fiction lovers will find it especially good but general fiction fans will enjoy it just as much.  I am eagerly awaiting the next Pike Logan novel.

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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