Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Featured Book: Enlightened Enough by Parakrama Chandrasoma

About the book:

Many religions believe in some equivalent of Heaven or Hell, where one is transported after death to live in eternal bliss or agony. Buddhists believe that one is repeatedly reborn until Nirvana is attained. And still others, overtly or secretly, entertain the possibility that we go nowhere; our lives end at death, and our bodies disintegrate. People lead their lives based on a code of morality. For the deeply religious, the source of this code is their scripture and church, which convey the word of their God. Their road to enlightenment and Heaven is written in the Book. For the Buddhist, however, who has no God, the source of one’s morality is inborn and changed by life experience. The way a person deals with this change toward increasing wisdom is the Buddhist road to enlightenment and Nirvana. In Enlightened Enough, Parakrama Chandrasoma applies Buddhist philosophy in its most basic form to the way he conducts his life. The methods—aimed at achieving enlightenment and Nirvana when applied to daily living—increase wisdom and promote happiness during this lifetime. Whether Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, or nothingness awaits us, stripping away external influences and focusing within to address our inner spiritual being is our best chance to create a contented and peaceful existence during our mortal life here on earth.

About the author:

Parakrama Chandrasoma spent his formative years in Sri Lanka, heavily influenced by Theravada Buddhism. His application of this philosophy to daily life has enabled him to overcome adversity and achieve contentment and academic success. His greatest pride and joy relate to his family, with whom he has created a haven of peace in Pasadena, California.

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