Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: I Have a Bad Feeling About This by Jeff Strand

Henry Lambert would rather play video games than spend time in the great outdoors—but that doesn't make him a wuss. Skinny nerd? Fine. But wuss is a little harsh. Sadly, his dad doesn't agree. Which is why Henry is being shipped off to Strongwoods Survival Camp. 

Strongwoods isn't exactly as advertised. It looks like the victim of a zombie apocalypse, the "camp director" is a psycho drill sergeant, and Henry's sure he saw a sign written in blood...

Wilderness Survival Tip #1 
Drinking your own sweat will not save your life. Somebody might have told you that, but they were trying to find out if you'd really do it. 

Wilderness Survival Tip #2 
In case of an avalanche, don't despair. You're doomed, but that's a wicked cool death. 

Wilderness Survival Tip #3 
If you're relying on this book for actual survival tips, you're dead already. 

ARC received for review.

Really, how could I pass up a book about a nerdy guy attending a military style survival camp?  Just reading the book description made me laugh so I knew it would be good - and it was!

The story was genuinely funny and I loved reading about Henry's various adventures at camp.  I actually found myself chuckling out loud at points - it was that funny.  The whole thing is just crazy and funny and an excellent read.  

I also loved the Wilderness Survival Tip provided at the end of each chapter.  Two of my favorites were:  "Always bring a first-aid kit that contains bandages, antiseptic, and a surgeon's operating table." and "If a bear is chasing you, you don't have to outrun the bear.  You just have to outrun the person you're with.  Always bring a slow-running relative for just such an occasion."

This is an absolutely wonderful, funny, perfect for summer read and I highly, highly recommend it to all ages.  I am definitely looking forward to the author's future releases.

★★★★ = Really Liked It

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StephTheBookworm said...

Sounds really fun! Adding it to my GR!

Ryan said...

I think I would love this one, and I need to read something funny right about now.

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