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Author Interview: Sue Messruther author of Sock Seekers (Alien Capers Encounters Book 1)

Sue Messruther, author of the book Sock Seekers (Alien Capers Encounters Book 1), stopped by for an interview.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a very busy mum of 6 children, a hubby and a puppy of gigantic proportions! All of my children have grown up and with currently 3 grandchildren I want to write so they can enjoy reading and use their imagination too! Plus it is a lot of fun for me too, especially with books like my new series, these are fun to sit and think and type away being as silly as I want to be.

What do you do when you're not writing?

Oh golly you are going to be so sorry you asked! Ha ha ha, ok I am a mobile carer which means that I look after the aged, disabled and sick in their homes so they can stay there as long as possible and enjoy a good quality life with independence, so for this I do morning and early tea shifts which is when they need the most help. Then when I am finished morning run for this, I swap hats and do my web design business and SEO work for clients until the tea shift! After the tea run, I help other authors with formatting of their books for print or kindle, create covers and give advice.

It is on weekends and holidays that I get to turn my attention to my books where I write under a few names and do mostly fiction because it is fun to be imaginative! 

When did your first start writing?

I have to admit that writing was something that I learnt to do mostly for business, as a web designer for over 15 years I have written a lot of pages and blog posts for them. However, writing books began several years ago when a few friends asked me to give my recipes for scones and bread. Then I soon turned my attention to children with “Kids in the kitchen” these are a part of the “Just for Kids” series, some of which have been translated into French. I enjoyed the creativity of the children’s imaginative cooking so much that we have organized another 4 Kids in the kitchen editions.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

My favorite book is Alice in Wonderland; I just love the imagination and creativeness of this whole story that influenced a series (that I wrote under a pen name Jackie C Myrtle) the Series is “Wonderland”. However, for this particular series the influence is Dr Seuss. I love the silly poems and cute creatures so it was with these in mind that this series grew.

What inspired you to write this particular book?

Ok don’t laugh but this is what really happened… my daughter Rosheen now 15 years is going through this stage of wearing my socks – but with a slight difference, you see it is trendy to wear odd socks! Don’t ask me why I really have no idea and obviously, I am not in fashion because I quite like to wear matching socks!

Therefore, after a week of her pinching my socks there actually came a day where I ashamedly had to wear odd socks to work!

Oh my! Now my little old ladies and gents thought it was all very cute and yes, you guessed it that is where the idea for this book originally was born.

So you’re wondering now where do the aliens come in? I was showing my odd socks that I had worn to work that day to Shirley a friend of mine, after laughing and being silly somehow, aliens came up in our conversation, now, why I can’t remember, I remember suddenly shouting “Aliens”! A very puzzled look came across her face but she is used to me and knew something was brewing in my mind and it certainly was, Sock Seekers suddenly turned from a silly idea into a reality.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I think the best part is the parade of aliens marching into the room, I mean who would think these creatures would enter a bedroom to play with socks! Now why is easy, I could create all sorts of cuddly, funny and silly creatures with lots of features!

What is best writing advice you can give?

I like to sit, close my eyes and imagine then speak – I use dragon naturally speaking so this allows me to do this and by closing my eyes I can let it flow without interruption or getting side tracked with a wondering mind! Then after I am done (these books took an hour to write initially) I go back and amend a day later, then print and read and edit again then send to the editor. While at the editors, I can then begin with the drawings, which is actually the longest part of the whole process!

Now surprisingly nobody told me off, nobody told me I was silly and nobody laughed at me, rather it was, oh when can we buy it! So don’t sit there and think any more, get in and do it!

Is there anything else you’d like your readers to know about the book?

These children’s poems are part of a series and the other 3 books are all written and edited, currently they are in the cue for me to get the images done and the covers etc. I will have them all published by 7th November 2014 ready for Christmas sales.

Of course I had a little fun and created a book trailer too which you can have a look at and naturally if you want first hand news on when the others are released you can find out either at my author website or on Facebook

About the book:

We all have them and we find them everywhere, but never the matching pair! We are talking about odd socks, now we have heard all sorts of stories, including the most common - the dryer ate the other sock!

Now you can find out what could really be happening. Who is pinching your odd sock? Have a little fun and imagination on our Sock Seekers adventure - the Alien Caper Encounter kind!

To help you enjoy this book with your child, we have included some notes for parents. Book 1 of a 4 part Alien Caper Encounter series. 

Click the text and see it pop! Happy reading! 

About the author:

Hi my name is Sue with a family of 6 children, a hubby and a puppy of gigantic proportions! With a variety of books that I have written for both on and off Amazon. I have just started writing “Kids in the kitchen” which is part of the “Just for kids” series and what fun it has been! I have to say I really have enjoyed it and have plans for another 4 Kids in the kitchenthis year. With the “Just for kids” series I plan on not only doing cooking but we will do some fun craft ideas to keep the youngsters entertained during holidays and weekends.

So why do I write? Well because it is fun and it is somewhere for my creativity to have an outlet – apparently I am a Gemini because I am born in June and the year that I was born in was the year of the rabbit, now my research tells me that Gemini’s are very creative and very active they need to be learning and discovering something new constantly and because of the year of the rabbit apparently this helps to bring my creativity to fruition or in other words finds a way to make it come to life or applicable to my life – ah so that explains it!

When I was young I would constantly start something new or seek out new ideas but never finished them and the adults in my life would always complain saying “Sue why don’t you finish …… “I must have been very frustrating for the adults in my world he he he

And so writing was something that I learnt to do mostly for business, then a few friends asked me to give my recipes for scones and bread which I did but of course I would give them many and so they turned into books as well

Now I am the first to admit that spelling is not my strong point and grammar well – no again not another strong point but I pour my personality into my writing and pass my work to get “graded” to spot any mistakes, but I am not perfect and neither is this a perfect world, I enjoy what I do and my only wish is that my grandchildren were in the same country as me so I could enjoy them!

This photo above is of Oscar at the time he was 7 months!!! Now you understand why I say he is a puppy of gigantic proportions! He has just turned 1 year this May.


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