Friday, October 17, 2014

Featured Book: Tall Storeys by Harry Swiers

About the book:

Trapped between his amour Shirley Wrigley and the glamorous Laura Davies his latest admirer, millionaire Peter Sykes finds himself threatened with financial death by bankruptcy.

2,500 acres of English land have lain derelict since 1944. Fred Evans wants to develop the site adjacent to Heathcity-upon-Sea. But Fred is in financial trouble. The bankers have heard a whisper that Fred, ever secretive, is in dire trouble caused by the local taxman; the narrow eyed, humourless, George A. Fronrome. Furthermore, the deviant Fronrome is licking his lips; Fronrome eager to gain promotion, along with the ensuing honours for bringing about the downfall of Evans.

Fred has been made aware of the same threat through the services of his expensive accountant, Arthur Wolfson; Arthur dwarf sized but a giant in financial stature. So, keeping it to himself, Fred has devised a scheme.

President Fred recruits a fellow golfclub committee member to ease the way towards completion on purchasing the2,500 acres. And so Peter, against his better judgment, embarks upon his latest project. Firstly to save the Evans Group from collapse, and secondly, to extricate himself from the vituperative and deadly charms of Shirley Wrigley.

His own monetary and personal fortune now in peril, Peter curses the name of Fred Evans and all that his foster brother Fred stands for.

Fred has disappeared to sunnier climes.

About the author:

Over the years Harry Swiers has written a number of articles about rough collies and contributed to photographic journals.

For 30 years he practiced as a qualified, registered insurance broker, initially running his own practice before joining with other companies in the building trade, including heavy demolition.

Harry Swiers has written and been published by Collie Rescue (rough and smooth) UK.

Tall Storeys is available at Amazon:


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