Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: An Unseemly Wife by E. B. Moore

Not all journeys come to an end....  

1867. Ruth Holtz has more blessings than she can count—a loving husband, an abundant farm, beautiful children, and the warm embrace of the Amish community. Then, the English arrive, spreading incredible stories of free land in the West and inspiring her husband to dream of a new life in Idaho.

Breaking the rules of their Order, Ruth’s husband packs up his pregnant wife and their four children and joins a wagon train heading west. Though Ruth is determined to keep separate from the English, as stricture demands, the harrowing journey soon compels her to accept help from two unlikely allies: Hortence, the preacher’s wife, and the tomboyish, teasing Sadie.

But as these new friendships lead to betrayal, what started as a quest for a brighter future ends with Ruth making unthinkable sacrifices, risking faith and family, and transforming into a woman she never imagined she’d become...

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While this had an interesting premise it was a sad disappointment for me.  I though the story of a woman leaving her family behind and bravely traveling west would be inspiring but it just wasn't.

The main problem was that Ruth was so incredibly unlikable.  She was just whiny and annoying and harped on the "English" all the time.  Seriously, all the time.  She never shut up about how evil the English were, how they had no respect for her god, blah, blah, blah.  I just wanted to smack her.

I breathed a big sigh of relief at the end of the book.  Not because of the book's resolution (which was okay), but because I was just so incredibly glad it was finally over.

I really cannot recommend this unless you enjoy reading about miserable, whiny women.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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