Saturday, November 29, 2014

Featured Book: The Millionaire Within Us by Chris Carley

About the book:

From down and out, laid off airplane factory whistleblower to multi-millionaire. She broke all the rules in network marketing and never looked back. Overweight and depressed, Chris visualized a world of abundance for herself and brought it to life.

Starting with a small $79 loan from her father, Chris strategically promoted her network marketing company with handmade flyers, turning her into a millionaire in less than 5 years. Since then she has gone on to make over $25 million in an industry that only a few people fully understand. Along the way she has been a key note speaker and has helped mentor and teach thousands of her marketing strategies. 

For the first time ever she has put her knowledge in a book “The Millionaire Within Us”.

  • Chris shares her no-nonsense approach to putting the customer’s needs first
  • Teaches you the 3 words you must know to win the sale
  • How to instill faith and confidence in your customers, no matter the product
  • What it takes to make your life happy, healthy, and profitable
  • The 5 marketing secrets every business should know (Yes, you network marketing people are in business) 
  • Why everyone in business needs to empower their customers in order to increase their revenues
  • Plus so much more.
Chris Carley leaves no stone unturned in this phenomenal book on marketing, advertising, and life. Enjoy and learn more at www.TheMillionaireWithin.Us

About the author:

Chris Carley is a world renowned speaker and business expert. She has delivered her message of mastering the entrepreneurial spirit in 70 different countries. From her humble beginnings as factory worker making only $10.50/hour to becoming a millionaire in less than 5 years, Chris Carley knows what it takes to work “smarter not harder”.

Her journey to becoming a multi-millionaire was not a straight path, but with the help of her father’s $79 loan, her library card, and her deep desire to fulfill her dreams, she has helped thousands to achieve theirs.


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