Saturday, November 15, 2014

Featured Book: The Village of Dead Souls by Michael G. Wallace

About the book:

Killed in battle, the ancient Athenian Prometheus, awakes inside a body that is not his, in a future world unfamiliar to him. 

Trapped in modern day Denver during the annual Zombie Pub Crawl, he is surrounded by humans with their strange language of moans and hisses. 

Joined by a growing number of living dead, the new arrival helps them form into a well organized army during the zombie uprising. 

Only they are not here to destroy the living, they have come to save their species. 

The future of the human race relies on necromantic secrets inside the shadows of The Village of Dead Souls.

About the author:

Michael Wallace grew up reading all the history texts and novels he could find. His library shelves are filled with a range of genres from H.G Wells and Jules Verne to Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy. It is only natural he writes thriller time travel adventures with some history thrown in for fun. At the point the reader becomes comfortable with the pace of his stories, he will hit you with a plot twist which will change the game.

His first novel The Red Fire Fly, broke new ground when it was released with its own soundtrack. The combination of music with a novel adds a third dimension by letting the readers hear the background of the scenes. His second novel, Eternal Patrol, tells the story of a submarine that disappeared during WWII and resurfaced 70 years later. A story so detailed, it will make the reader feel as though they are inside a navy sub during the war. His first venture into zombie apocalypse is The Village of Dead Souls. A different perspective recounted through the eyes of the undead.


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