Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Featured Book: The Well by Colleen Golden

About the book:

Grace is an Iowa farmwoman poised at her final crossroads, unknowingly dreaming up her own peculiar, fantastic version of the perfect Afterlife as she lies comatose in a nursing home bed. Things are clicking right along, with a homey kitchen just like hers back on the farm; a new little community; an amusement park with magical carousel; endless possibilities for entertainment; and a ghostly cowboy hero. 

If only it weren’t for that confounded, exasperating well in her dreamscape through which she can hear her loved ones, but they can’t hear her! Not to mention the presence of real life predators in the nursing home, along with her family’s heartrending attempts to wake her up and make life or death decisions about her care. 

Each chapter introduces a new character, and through their stories the reader comes to know and love Grace. When her family makes the gut-wrenching decision to discontinue her life support, she must face her final fear and jump into the well, which is when the fun really begins. 

Written with profound insight, warmth, and whimsy, The Well is a powerful debut novel that will resonate with young and old, rich and poor, about the challenges we all face. A deeply human story with a magical element.

About the author:

About the Author: Colleen Golden is a clinical neuropsychologist, teacher, and author in Colorado.


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