Saturday, November 8, 2014

Review: Uprush by Jo Barney

UPRUSH is a story, four stories actually, of four women who come together at a beach house to gossip, laugh and drink wine, only to discover that one of them is determined to kill herself. 

Madge, a writer, has reasons to do so and to ask for their help, and her friends, of course, have reasons to agree - or not. Madge's gift to them is four fictionalized stories of their lives, lives she has followed since they all graduated forty-some years before from a small college on the west coast. Her stories are not finished yet, just as the women are not yet finished. Their stories will not end, but will take new directions by the time the weekend is over. 

This novel celebrates the friendships that endure and nourish even after many years and many miles. This book is designated as a contemporary women's novel.

Received for review.

I liked the idea of this book but it just did not live up to its potential.

The first issue was the editing, or lack thereof.  I really cannot imagine that any editing was performed on this book.  The writing is very clunky and it comes across almost like English is not the author's native language.  The poor sentence structure and word choices just ruin the story.

The story itself has potential but Madge really just came across as a bitter, cruel woman who wanted to cause harm to her friends rather than writing about people she loved.  It all seemed a bit sadistic to me.

Overall I really cannot recommend this.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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