Thursday, December 11, 2014

Featured Book: A Reason To Kill: Collected Mystery Stories by John D. Ottini

About the book:

This book contains three mystery stories which were previously published as individual e-books. The individual e-books are available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle Store.

My Journey to Hell

Having survived an unhappy childhood with an absentee father and an alcoholic mother, and having lived through a failed marriage, all Joel Simon wants, is to be left alone. It's taken years to heal the emotional scars; control his alcoholism, reconcile his feelings of failure and begin to live a productive life. Everything seems to be under control, until a strange telephone message sets in motion a series of events that have the potential to destabilize Joel's fragile mental equilibrium. Will he overcome this final, life-threatening challenge, or is his world about to unravel?

A Fool and His Money

Unlucky at love, unemployed and drowning in debt, Thomas O'Connor is a man in need of salvation. When an unexpected gift arrives from an unknown source, Tom is confused, yet elated about his new-found fortune. His luck continues when he runs into an old flame he hasn't seen in years and sparks begin to fly. Strange how a man's fate can change when he least expects it - one moment he's miserable and struggling to make ends meet, and the next he's back on his feet and looking forward to a bright future... or so he thought. Then Tom's rediscovered love reveals the shocking skeletons in her past, and he must decide to forgive and forget or turn his back and walk away. If he chooses to stay, he must find a way to live with the violent action required to keep her in his life. An innocent search on the Internet unveils a problem that could stand between Tom's good fortune and ultimately, the love of his life.

The Object of Your Desire

As a professional psychiatrist, Dr. Stanley DeMarco is well equipped to assist his patients in identifying and controlling their addictions. Although he's considered one of the finest doctors in his field, that doesn't provide him with immunity from the follies of human nature. An ill-advised sexual liaison with an unstable associate leads to a world of lies, heartbreak and harassment. In a desperate effort to save his marriage and his practice, he attempts to hide the affair from his wife and daughter. Unfortunately, affairs are a messy business and rarely remain concealed. When the body count begins to mount and the list of murder suspects dwindles, the finger of guilt points directly at Dr. DeMarco. When every attempt to establish his innocence without exposing his ruinous affair proves disastrous, Dr. DeMarco is forced to reveal the truth to his ailing wife and live with the consequences of his foolish acts.

About the author:

John D. Ottini was born in Northern Italy, raised and educated in Canada and currently resides in Central Florida where he is employed as a Geographic Information System Senior Technician.

When he is not working or writing, he enjoys reading, bowling, travelling and spending time with his wife and mischievous cat named Bella.


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