Friday, January 16, 2015

Featured Book: 190 Days by A. E. Walker

About the book:

Emily Dow is a conscientious high school English teacher who cares deeply about her students’ futures—both academic and personal. This year Emily has another problem over and above her life as a teacher. Bob Hughes is a nasty piece of goods and manages to get himself murdered. Emily finds that she must find the real murderer in order to save an innocent person. The police feel that they have an ironclad case. Can she find the necessary information to convince them that they have the wrong person?? So on top of coping with her students, their parents and the educational bureaucracy of the school, Emily attempts to solve a murder in a small New Hampshire town. 190 Days presents an examination of contemporary American education that employs humor, satire and pathos to leave the reader with much to think about.

About the author:

Andrea E. Walker (Brown), 1967-2012, was a high school English teacher. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a Masters Degree in English, Andrea had taught English in rural New England for over 15 years. Known to friends and family for her rapier wit and enchanting stories, her parents and her sister proudly present “190 Days” which she had completed before her death. In keeping with her kindness to others, all proceeds from this book will be donated to research on the early detection and prevention of birth defects.

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