Monday, January 12, 2015

Featured Book: Red Sun by Dolapo Lawrence

About the book:

A Tapestry of Humanity Woven From the Inferno in Darfur ... This deftly plotted novel brings together an intriguing cast of characters whose lives and fates intersect in the wake of the war in Darfur. Ranya Abass, a resourceful and affable woman, flees her home with her two teenage children when a notorious militia attacked her people. After a grueling five-day journey, she is rescued by two African Union soldiers and taken to a camp for displaced people. As the story unfolds, we follow the journey of Major Femi, one of the soldiers who rescued Ranya, as he deals with the political and ethical morass of an intricate peacekeeping mission, and his brother Zach Thompson, whose humanitarian mission in Sudan leads his personal life to blossom in unexpected ways. But the heart of Red Sun is Ranya, who finds that her love for her children will inspire her to do things she wouldn't have believed possible... and lead her toward a destiny she could never have imagined.

About the author:

My name is Oludolapo Lawrence, Dolapo Lawrence for short and Red Sun is my debut novel. Red Sun was inspired by events in Darfur Sudan, during the last decade. I consider myself a save the world kind of author.  I currently live in Montreal Canada.

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