Friday, January 30, 2015

Featured Book: Saphora Volume 1: Retention by Jaz Johnson

About the book:

Launched from an escape pod by the hands of her desperate mother and queen of the Kiran kingdom in attempts to save her only child from an approaching war, our protagonist Saphora finds herself on Earth, plagued with amnesia.

Taken in by an ordinary woman, Saphora attends therapy in attempts to regain her memory. All while constantly discovering new abilities. But she wasn’t the only one to visit Earth. 

A man has been sent from the enemy lines to assassinate Saphora while she is vulnerable. But handicapped as she is, she fights back, learning that she is the only thing standing in the way of the kingdom falling.

With the costs mounting, can Saphora find a way to save the planet that fostered her and her kingdom?

About the author:

Jaz Johnson was born in the land of make believe. Mothered by fantasy, and fathered by science fiction. And now, she's bringing them to you, with everything you love, and love to hate.

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