Saturday, January 24, 2015

Review: The Hidden Ones by Nancy Madore


As CEO of her own thriving company, Nadia Adeire is flush with success, but a secret society dating back to the Essenes believes her to be one of the ancient djinn-the notorious demoness of Hebrew legend: Lilith. What's more, they have reason to believe that she's plotting a catastrophic attack on the world. 

Nadia is snatched from her perfect life and caught in a maze between a present day disaster and the ancient legends of the djinn. Her only way out is to retrace the steps of her deceased grandmother, Helene. The deeper Nadia delves into the past, the harder it will be for her to emerge unscathed. But it is the only way to stop the impending disaster that was set in motion five thousand years ago. 

ABOUT THE LEGACY OF THE WATCHERS SERIES: Thousands of years ago, something happened that changed the course of human history. Testimonies abound of these otherworldly visitors they called angels, and their hybrid offspring, the Nephilim giants. These mighty gods quickly rose to power, and the ancient world came alive with industry and culture. The species that existed for hundreds of thousands of years as hunters and gatherers suddenly began settling in one place, cultivating the land and governing themselves. They created irrigation, the wheel and algebra. Yet amidst all this progress, an undercurrent of terror was spreading like wildfire, carrying whispers of djinn, daeva and demons... 

The Watchers were supposed to do just that; watch. But humankind proved far too tempting and they fell to earth, taking wives and even producing children. But their children grew into unruly giants whose souls did not ascend like human souls when they died, but remained here on earth. These errant souls haunt the earth to this day. They are the djinn, the hidden ones, also known as daeva and demon. They have one purpose-to live. But to live they need bodies. 

This chain of events has reached the point where the djinn need more than just our bodies to survive. They must take back control of the earth, just as in the days when they ruled as gods. 

Book 2: Power of Gods 
Book 3: Masquerade 
Book 4: The Fourth Trumpet (available in the spring of 2015)

Received for review.

I'm not normally a big fan of religion based fantasy novels so this was not a favorite for me.  It drew on the legend of Lilith and the Nephilim, as well as other religion based characters, and they were used in such a way that their stories contained rather overpowering religious overtones.  

The stories of the three women were unnecessarily tangled and decidedly difficult to navigate since the author felt the need to keep switching from one to another (and, as such, one time period to another) and you really lost the flow of each narrative.  

The women themselves felt rather flat and blah.  None of them were particularly likable and their stories were so confusing and intertwined that you lost any sort of connection that you may have formed with them which detracted significantly from any reading enjoyment.

This was supposed to be science fiction but it's really religious fantasy which is not attractive to most readers, whether believers or non-believers.  Overall, between the complicated story and the bland characters I really cannot recommend this.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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Becca Lostinbooks said...

What! I loved this book. I was just writing my review of it. And yea, it's not sci-fi, but it was not pitched to me as such either so that makes a difference. I did not lose the flow of the narrative but then again I read 10 books at once and keep them all straight so I might be in the minority with that one! Sorry it left you unsatisfied.

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