Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: If You Needed Me by Lee Lowry

When Jenny Longworth offers aid and comfort to David Perry, a long-ago college sweetheart who recently lost his French wife, Sandrine, to cancer, their old passion is revived, creating a gauntlet of social and moral conflicts. 

Against cautionary counsel, Jenny disrupts her life in Boston and moves to Europe to be at David's side as he attempts to put his world back together. While some of David's friends welcome Jenny, others view her with hostility. Struggling with their own grief, David's children, Marc and Delphine, react to Jenny's presence with confusion and ambivalence, leaving David and Jenny in a quandary as to the future of their relationship.

A compelling story of loss, loyalty, and love spanning two continents and four decades, If You Needed Me reminds us that passion is not the sole province of the young and that love is not for the faint of heart. Author Lee Lowry weaves a tale that confronts the challenges of late love and second marriage with honesty and accuracy, and the characters provide a rich, multi-layered examination of the nature of love with all its pain and beauty.

Received for review.

This sounded interesting, but sadly fell a bit short of expectations.  Neither Jenny nor David did much for me.  David struck me as a complete ass for hooking up with Jenny so shortly after his "beloved" wife's death.  And Jenny was ridiculous and selfish to expect David's children to welcome this interloper with open arms right after their mother died.  I was not impressed with either character's behavior.  The author seems to believe that any sort of inconsiderate behavior is acceptable as long as the characters are in love.  So, if you're in love then you hurt whoever you want because you're more important than anyone else.  It's ridiculous.

Disregarding my intense dislike for the characters this was well written.  I was not overly fond of the dozens of e-mails sprinkled throughout the text.  The disrupted the flow and were more distracting than anything.

Overall, between the disagreeable characters and and the lack of flow this was not a particularly enjoyable read for me.  It was interesting but not enjoyable.  However if you enjoy reading about selfish people who act like spoiled children then you may find this entertaining.

★★☆☆☆ = Just Okay

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Becca Lostinbooks said...

I totally read the whole review but I keep coming back to the name Sandrine. I am 70% sure that was the name Rachel first suggested for her baby on Friends. Something like that. Said it was French and Ross said it sounded like industrial cleaning solvent. If it wasn't Sandrine, it was close. Ah, my brain, gotta love it.

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