Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review: The Old Rush by Peter Hubbell

The age of aging will begin in 2014 as the last of the baby boomers turn 50. No other global trend will do more to impact the way we live, think, act, and interact with brands for the next twenty years. The Old Rush: Marketing for Gold in the Age of Aging is an invaluable primer for marketers who want to seize the next big fast-growth opportunity—a chance to propel their brands and businesses forward rapidly and on a global scale. In this book, Peter Hubbell makes a strong case for why the nearly 80 million baby boomers are marketing’s most valuable generation and then outlines the basic rules of marketing engagement with this cohort along with practical ideas that brands and businesses can use to create their own success. The lessons from the Gold Rush are particularly apt to the modern-day Old Rush: decisiveness, agility, creativity, and perseverance will be the skills needed to thrive with the aging consumer.

Received for review.

While I normally enjoy reading business books this one grated on me a bit.  The author has a decided rah-rah Tony Robbins feel to him which quickly becomes annoying.

Also, this is a marketing book, but it comes across as basically just method after method of changing your beliefs so you can market to Baby Boomers better.  It's not really about how to market, but how to change yourself so you market your products better.

Some of the stories the author includes to support his methods are interesting, but many are just boring and borderline unrelated and his parallels to the California Gold Rush seem forced at best.

Overall, unless you are a hardcore marketing person this will probably not be an informative or enjoyable read for you.

★★★☆☆ = Liked It

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