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Author Interview: The Mystic of Karl Mind: The Shadow of the Vytos by Jürgen A. D. Graanoogst

Jürgen A. D. Graanoogst, author of The Mystic of Karl Mind: The Shadow of the Vytos, stopped by for an interview.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I like to see myself as a pupil of the masters that guides us step by step through this beautiful world. As my goals in the past years have been totally different, and happiness was depending on my bank account, I’ve changed my faith, and fate started to dawn on me. I have spent many years in pharmaceutical field to support and aid patience to their medical needs, and now a writer. Totally different, but still gives me a good feeling. Helping the world not only with another novel, but the ideas and the new imaginations, and different ways to look at answers this novel leaves behind to acknowledge our being to a clearer life.

For long times, stories have been piling up in my mind, and now I finally feel free in my energy to express it.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

When I’m not writing, I am working on new material for the next stories to sketch on paper. Market my published book and answer questions as much as possible. Read a lot, and try to travel many places, even if they are just near home. The more I see, the more I hear, the more I think.

And in general I work to keep it all going.

When did your first start writing?

When I first started writing it was about fifteen years ago. I wrote very short stories, but never showed it to my friends of family. I kept it for myself, for it was just a way of expression I chose at the moment. Many years later and only just a few stories further, I decided to pick it up again and give the stories itself more Meaning; Power and Volume.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

While growing up, I had the joy of reading the stories of Dick Laan; Enid Blyton and the production series Storybook International, all who influenced me well. In my late teens and my twenties, JK Rowling, a few of Edgar Allan Poe, a few of Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien filled in the years. And now I have Casandra Clair’s works who keep me reading.

What inspired you to write this particular book?

Growing up in different countries, gave me more insight on the thriving lives around me and their beauty it holds. Many different and interesting characters had crossed my path, what somehow continued to fictionalise in my mind, and stories were born. I did it for a long time until this story came to pass and made it what it is.

What was your favourite chapter (or part) to write and why?

My favourite chapter would be the thirteenth. The part where the character of Karl starts to realize the critical life dissensions he has to make at that moment. He starts acknowledging the very beginning of a reason of being. He starts believing.

This is a similar sort of position that some can find themselves in and have difficulty making a choice. Decisions in our minds that need to be made in order to continue with a more relieved thought, but still somehow linger in the blindness of the flock.

What is best writing advice you can give?

To make the most of a creativeness is the return to your innocent self, deep within. The peaceful and quiet comfort zone and the will to creativity will bloom.

Don’t feel defeated when nothing, or too much information that makes the image unclear, comes to pass.

The simplest single thought to write, is sometimes the greatest of all. Write a little every day, for quality is greater than quantity. And soon your book will too be finished.

Is there anything else you’d like your readers to know about the book?

The book has just been released in digital; paperback and hardcover. It is now available worldwide in all major e-commerce stores and in major bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, just to name a few.

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About the book:

The body is the subconscious mind that moves through different worlds where time has a different meaning. Karl Wakefi eld, a market merchant with no extraordinary ability, found himself in the other worlds after many moments of keeping inner secrets that urged him on. One particular question haunted him for most of his life: What if …? A longing for understanding he willed to have a grip on reason as the past haunted him. He never expected his questions to be answered by mythical creatures, and one day he made a deal with Margus Inferian, a powerful enchanter. Karl’s coming was predicted, and suddenly he was pulled into a different world. He found himself witnessing abnormal events as he was hurled into a dimension where “the man who knows” has the answers to his unsolved mysteries and aids him to see what he could not before. He made a discovery of an ancient time, tangled in delusions of the past and hunted down by the vile figures of the Gulusis and a dark thoughts of the one in masquerade, all seeking the pendant of the mountains and the dagger of Vytos. Karl discovered powers he never knew he had. Unwittingly, Karl’s wife, Eve, became involved, and he struggled between his own understanding and she who held his heart. He was forced to continue, steered by his will to where the path ahead held his future. Would they survive – or crumble and pine away for the forgotten past?

About the author:

Jürgen A. D. Graanoogst was born on January 26, 1980, from Surinamese parents. When he was young, his family migrated to Europe, where he was educated. He started a career in the pharmaceutical field. His interest in writing began first as a hobby for English poetry, and the ideas for this story were born soon after, along with the urge to write other books. The first book in the series of The Mystic of Karl Mind has developed into this adventurous novel, The Shadow of the Vytos.


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