Thursday, February 5, 2015

Featured Book: Hunting Practices of the Wachiperi: Demystifying Indigenous Environmental Behavior by Rodolfo Tello

About the book:

When it comes to environmental conservation and sustainable development initiatives in tropical forests, indigenous peoples are key players. They have been described often as either conservationists or destroyers of biodiversity. The position adopted on this matter is important because it guides the design and implementation of conservation strategies. The central question about what makes indigenous peoples conserve or degrade biodiversity, however, has posed a significant challenge, particularly in light of widespread trends such as cultural change, market expansion, and greater diversification of livelihoods. The reasons why indigenous communities end up degrading or conserving natural resources are addressed in a comprehensive yet accessible manner in this book, filling a critical gap in current knowledge about the socioeconomic drivers of biodiversity loss, and the rise of community-based conservation, using the hunting trends and conservation efforts of the Wachiperi for this analysis. Readers could greatly benefit from the lessons provided in this book about achieving both socioeconomic development and biodiversity conservation by engaging indigenous communities in a sustainable manner.

This is a highly recommended book for any person looking to understand how indigenous peoples interact with their local environment. Specific areas where readers will also develop greater knowledge and awareness include:

- How indigenous environmental behavior changes in time
- The reasons behind the changes in indigenous conservation behavior
- The biological, cultural and socioeconomic dimensions of environmental behavior
- The interplay between individual and group interests among indigenous groups
- The importance of leadership in the definition of environmental attitudes
- How historical processes shape present environmental behavior
- The current struggles of indigenous peoples living in tropical forests
- The effect of regional socioeconomic changes on village dynamics
- How to achieve environmental conservation and sustainable development

Learn about these topics and much more!

About the author:

Rodolfo Tello is an anthropologist who has worked extensively in international development, particularly on issues such as environmental conservation and social change among indigenous communities. He has a PhD in anthropology from American University and a master's degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. He currently works as a consultant for a multilateral organization, implementing its social safeguard policies across several countries of Latin America.


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