Saturday, February 28, 2015

Featured Book: The Quest For The Jasper Oracle - Rift in Time by Christopher Craft

About the book:

For Honor and The King - The Obsidian Knights Adventures!

An action packed fantasy with the Obsidian Knights! This Adventure will have your heart pounding and keep you guessing as Cor Vos' goes on an exciting and dangerous quest.

It will take you into an alternate reality and let your imagination run wild with Dragons,Sorcery,and intense battle scenes.

The Obsidian Knights are marching in the Wildhoof Mountains on a simple training exercise when they witness a strange event. A green light has filled the sky near the small village of Bor’Un. From above on the ridge the Knights are unable to help as they see the village overrun by a strange band of unknown raiders entering through the portal that has just opened..

The Commander calls the men to action and they charge the village in hopes of stopping the raiders. Cor’Vos steps up to lead the men in this trying situation as a chain of events is set in motion that will lead the Obsidian Knights in quest of an ancient Jasper oracle and reveal important truths about Cor’Vos’ past.

Lose yourself in a wonderful world of Fantasy and Excitement!

You don't want to Miss Out! Travel With Cor Vos' and Allaire and the other Obsidian Knights as they battle evil!

You will soon be a fan of the ALL The Obsidian Knight Adventures!

So What Are You Waiting For? Download This Exciting Adventure Story Today!

About the author:

Christopher Craft began playing Minecraft, League, Clash of Clans and Yes.. many bouts of Angry Birds with his kids. Then Minecraft turned into an obsession. Clash of Clans took over his free time. And League, let's not go there....  

His books are inspired by the countless times he couldn't find a book that would catch and keep his children's attention while reading to them before bed. So he started making up adventures that kept his kids up to late. Well at least mom says he did. 

SO BE-HOLD! Adventure books with PAZAZZZ! Craft's adventure books take readers on daring raids, dangerous expeditions, and thrilling chases in worlds that span a gamer's imagination. 

If you want to be in the adventure, check out some of Craft's adventure books today.


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