Monday, March 2, 2015

Featured Book: Dark Lord Rising: The Dark Passage Chronicles by Raven R. Worthington

About the book:

Following the King’s murder in the land of Elysium, two foreigners arrive to Castle Elysium wishing to have the soldiers who ambushed the slain King’s men for an experiment. Confidus Seaton, next in line for the throne, and his council agree to the request, stipulating that the prisoners’ bodies must soon be returned. At the Seaton palace, Melina, who will soon be wed to Confidus’ son Caprius worries over how to tell her beloved that she will never conceive a child. She consults Felicia – the Golden Fleece, who informs the young woman that she is in fact already carrying a child, and it is the child of the prophecy foretold. At the same time, Caprius’ two brothers, Dragus and Andromin, journey to the city of Koriston where they unravel the mystery of vampires trying to overtake the city. Hordes of the undead rise to kill them, but the knights are victorious. Meanwhile the time arrives for Confidus and his army to collect the dead soldiers’ bodies in Plaphorius. Once there, however, they see they have been tricked into partaking in a ritual of blood exchange and evil worship. There is a fight, and the army escapes with few casualties- one of them Dragus who became infected with vampire blood during the battle. To save him, the four companions make haste to Petoshine; there they will ask Grongone the great wizard to help Dragus. In Plaphorius, when Melina awakens, she finds herself lying in a casket beside Clore in a large cave beneath the castle. Clore tells her to accept her new life as a member of the undead, and soon, as his wife. While he is en route to Plaphorius, Andromin stumbles upon a female warrior being tortured. Andromin fights off her attackers and asks her to join his army in their quest to destroy the vampire cult. Calista accepts, while holding on to a dark secret: she is Andromin’s Bramonian sister. She knows Confidus had had her father hanged many years before for raping Confidus’ wife and impregnating her with Andromin. In the war’s aftermath, noting Calista’s bravery during the battle, and ignorant of her history, Confidus offers her a brand new life with his people in Elysium. She is happy to accept, but once in Elysium, she is haunted by the spirit of her father, who begs her to kill Confidus Seaton. With the war finally behind them, Caprius stands on the balcony watching over the kingdom. Melina is troubled over their uncertain future; she and Caprius wonder how and when they will tell Andromin he is not a true Seaton. Now reunited, she and Caprius watch moonlight over the bay of Begonia.

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