Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Featured Book: Harvest of a Black Earth by Patrick Crabb

About the book:

It is 1994 in a newly independent country of Ukraine and Dmitry Petrenko is prepared to exact his own form of justice against Alexander Orchenko, the man whose actions ruined his and many other lives decades before. 

During Dmitry's youth, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was a place of famine, war, totalitarian repression, and revolt. 

Some say over half the population of Ukraine died as a result of oppression and war between 1930 and 1950. 

How did Dmitry and Alexander survive under these circumstances, only to lead Dmitry inches away from cold-blooded murder?

About the author:

Patrick Crabb is a retired military officer who spent six years in the Former Soviet Union where he became fascinated in the human aspect of Soviet repression and the stories survival. He and his wife currently reside in Tampa, Florida.

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